This weekend ARK went on a cabin trip to get to know our new members. For the fall semester, we have Field Day, but up until now we haven’t been able to go on any big trips in the spring semester. This all changed this year though, due to some great initiative by the board!

We were able to book a stay at Døvehytta, which is quite accessible by public transport from Trondheim. This was convenient as it allowed people to just pop in when they felt like it.

Døvehytta, not too far away from Trondheim.

Being a radio amateur club, we naturally rigged ourselves up with some simple portable equipment. Notably, a 100 W transceiver, dipole for 40 m, and a tuned vertical for 20 m.

Bor, LB6JI and LA2QUA manning the radio station.

In Trondheim, the “spring” semester is usually associated with snow until lectures are done, followed by improbably nice weather when you have to be inside to study for your exams.

Broom-enabled dipole fastening is one of the great things about snow.

The hallmark of a good cabin trip is the board games. Naturally, we got to play a lot of those.

In the evening we also held a small foxhunt.

Foxhunt team 1 ready to hunt.

We were able to work a good number of contacts on the air, and also had a lot of time to bond socially. Thanks to the board for organizing this great cabin trip.