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Our spring cabin trip – a mini Field Day

Now that Field Day is right around the corner, we thought it was finally time to publish this blog post [… Read more]

End-of-year portable trip to Fuglemyra

As the school year was nearing an end and we were planning the club’s “sommeravslutning”, we thought, why not do [… Read more]

SOTA trip to LA/ST-245 Storhaugen

After a successful celebration of our centennial the first weekend in May, we decided to arrange a trip the following [… Read more]

Ski trip to LA/ST-010 Storheia

With the spring closing in we wanted to utilize the snow left i Trondheim before it all melted away for [… Read more]

SOTA visit to LA/ST-009 Gråkallen

Of all the SOTA-summits near Trondheim, LA/ST-009 Gråkallen persists to be the most accessible. We decided to activate it Sunday [… Read more]

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