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Samfundet is currently closed down in preparation for UKA. In between the sound checks, rehearsals and other activities that occur in this hectic period, we managed to sneak in some contacts as LM100UKA in the CQ WW RTTY contest. We decided to run as Multi-Two to get the most out of the few timeslots when we could operate.

Henrik LB5DH working 20 m on Saturday.

One of the challenges we face when operating in contests from Samfundet is Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) to the other groups at Samfundet. Particularly when operating legal limit on the low bands, audio and lighting equipment tend to get unwanted interference. Normally we try to locate the weak spots and seal them with ferrites and filters, but during UKA there is a lot of new equipment so it is hard to get to all the problems in time. The solution is often to cooperate with the groups that are responsible for audio and visuals and coordinate so that we do not transmit high power levels on the low bands while they are working.

Conditions on 20 m was also good on Sunday.

The contest was also our first good test of the Flex 6500 for RTTY. Thanks to the panadapter, finding an open frequency to work was a breeze. It also allowed us to quickly diagnose that we had set the wrong tone spacing (oops). We had a bit of trouble setting up SmartSDR to talk to MMTTY through N1MM+, but in the end we got it working through the help from some good resources online. What was not so great was setting RIT/XIT using mouse and keyboard. Hopefully our Maestro will arrive soon to address this problem.

QSOs per hour. Orange: 15 m, Red: 20 m and Blue: 40 m.

The QSO-rate was largely influenced by when we had a chance to operate in between different sound checks. As the graph shows, this was mostly during the afternoon on Sunday. Conditions were ok, but only one band was significantly open at a given time, typically either 20 m or 40 m.

Score and multipliers per band

We got 657 QSOs and 107 mults over the weekend. A good result considering the operating conditions, both on the air and at Samfundet. Thanks to LB5QG, LB1MH, LB5DH, LB7JG and LA3WUA for their operating efforts.

Field day 2017

Last weekend ARK participated in IARU Region 1 Field Day. In Norway, this contest is more known as National Field Day and is coordinated by the Norwegian Radio Relay League (NRRL). ARK usually treats this as a full three-day social event where we travel to a cabin far away from Trondheim, and treat our members to a nice balance of antenna assembly, food, social exposure and a many new contacts on the radio. This year, we traveled to Fjellvær Gjestegård on Fjellværøya, Hitra.

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Special Callsign, LM100UKA


In September and October, we will be running the special callsign LM100UKA to celebrate the 100-year aniversary of the UKA-festival.

The UKA festival is a festival that has been arranged by students at the Student Society of Trondheim once every second autumn since 1917 (except for the war years of 1941 and 1943). The festival originally grew out of a student revue at the student society, in the early days lasting a week hence the name (“uka” translates to “the week”). The revue is still an integral part of the festival to this day, but the festival has grown to last for three weeks and now includes multiple concerts and various social arrangements.

This year, artists who will be performing at the festival includes Highasakite and Cashmere Cat. To get more information about the festival, please check out https://uka.no/ (Norwegian).



This weekend we participated in the CQ WPX SSB contest. The conditions were rough, but we had a lot of fun in the multi-two category.

Øyvind LA3WUA (left) & Henrik LB5DH (right)

This was our first serious entry with the new Flex 6500 in parallel with the old IC-756 Pro III. The panadapter on the flex allowed us to find open frequencies swiftly and easily.  When operating multi-two previously, we have had a lot of trouble with self-interference. To amend the problem, we recently purchased bandpass filters. The 4O3A bandpass filters for 40 to 10 meters were used for this to great effect. This allowed us to transmit and receive simultaneously, as long as we remembered to stay away from the direct harmonics. 🙂

The conditions were difficult, with no real openings on 15m or 10m, and subsequently no QSOs on these bands. We had no serious runs towards North America, and were only able to obtain some  S&P contacts. We did obtain an Alaska contact on the 40m greyline, however, which was fun.

There were lots of different operators on our side this time, thanks to everyone who showed up and thanks for the QSOs!

Harsh conditions resulted in low rates.

Call: LA1K
Operating Time: ~46 hrs
Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
3,5 130 298 76 2.3
7 580 1 275 257 2.2
14 673 849 311 1.3
Total 1 383 2 422 644 1.8
Score 1 559 768

NRRL Vintertest 2017

This weekend LA1K participated in the Norwegian contest ‘NRRL Vintertest 2017’.

The first two stages gave rather disappointing  results due to poor conditions and interference on the audio equipment in the building, but the third and final round gave us a nice score overall.

This was the first contest we’ve had with our Flex 6500 and we are more than happy with the results so far.

Henrik, LB5DH og Kristin, LB2NH kjører 40m

Henrik LB5DH and Kristin LB2NH on the 40m band

Mats LB0HG

Mads LB0HG on the Flex 6500 during the contest

Thanks to LA1BFA, LB6RH, LB0HG, LB5QG, LB5DH, LB2NH, LA2QUA, LB7RG,  LB7JG and LA3WUA for participating.

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