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This weekend we participated in the CQ WPX SSB contest. The conditions were rough, but we had a lot of [… Read more]

New hams

After the test last Wednesday there are 11 new amateur radio operators. We are proud to announce: Martin Hergot Festøy: [… Read more]

Measuring coax length with burst generator and oscilloscope

I have a quite long Aircell 7 cable that I would like to know the length of, but didn’t want [… Read more]

NRRL Vintertest 2017

This weekend LA1K participated in the Norwegian contest ‘NRRL Vintertest 2017’. The first two stages gave rather disappointing  results due to poor conditions [… Read more]

Introduction to the libpredict API

This post has been updated 2017-12-20 in order to reflect API changes after release of libpredict 2.0.0. We recommend to [… Read more]

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