LA1K / LA100K / LA1UKA

Month: April 2019

LA1K 5-Pole Diplexer board

In the start of January, we wrote about our plans to deploy LA2SIX at Vassfjellet, where LA2VHF/4 and the other [… Read more]

First entry in the VK3UM Memorial EME Contest

Since we got our 23 cm EME setup operative a short while ago, we have been very fascinated with the [… Read more]

LA1K joins the SatNOGS ground station network

We have been eagerly following the SatNOGS project for a while. The author was part of deploying it at the [… Read more]


This weekend we participated briefly in the SSB portion of the CQ WPX contest as LN1K. Other events at Samfundet [… Read more]