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New licensees spring 2021

After months of Corona-related delay, the license exam was finally held on the 20th of April! Out of the ten who showed up, six passed the exam. We would also like to include one new licensee from the retake exam earlier this year. Congratulations to all of the following!

  • LB0RI – Karen Anette Erichsen
  • LB0ZI – Bor De Kock
  • LB1AJ – Caitlin Guzzo
  • LB1BJ – David Kaasen
  • LB1CJ – Knut Andre Grytting Prestsveen
  • LB1DJ – Simon Krane
  • LB1EJ – Tomine Holgersen Dale

This concludes our spring semester of new licensees. Next course will be held during the fall, see you then!

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