LA1K / LA100K / LA1UKA

Month: July 2018

Fixing LA1K’s 2 m EME setup pt. 2: The great noise hunt

After working through the steps in the last installment, we were eager to try and make a QSO on 2 [… Read more]

Fixing LA1Ks 2 m EME setup pt. 1: How we (re-)made the phasing harness

Previously we wrote about the woes of being a northern amateur, and how the phasing harness for our 2 m [… Read more]

Test/Review of Yaesu FT-25E

In the Norwegian amateur radio magazine “Amatørradio” no. 3 2018, ARK has collaborated with NRRL and Christech on performing and [… Read more]

Extracting the antenna pattern from a beacon signal, pt. II: Measurements of LA2SHF

In the first blog post of this series, we analyzed the beacon signal from LA2VHF to obtain the enveloping, azimuth-dependent [… Read more]