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Month: January 2018

Plotting Norwegian ham radio contacts on a map using Pandas, Cartopy and Geopy

In the post about the Norwegian telephony contest, we plotted the contacts on a map of Norway. Plotting contacts during [… Read more]

LA2SHF Beacon completed and temporarily active from JP53EJ

For a long time we have wanted to have a beacon for propagation studies and prototyping/debugging in the 23 cm [… Read more]

License course spring 2018

Our first amateur radio license course this year will start in week 6. The precise date, time and location will [… Read more]

Improvements to the 3 m parabolic dish mount

As mentioned in a previous post, we uncovered a mounting issue during a recent maintenance session of our 3m parabolic [… Read more]

Rough antenna pattern measurements using a local radio beacon

As part of a sub-project for my master’s thesis I performed some antenna pattern measurements on three amateur radio yagi [… Read more]