Do you want to talk to people all over the world through two-way radio, or perhaps build the radios and antennas that enable other people to do the talking? Do you love electronics and building your own radios? If you don’t, do you want to learn how to do that?

We’re a social group of student radio amateurs. At our club room, located just under the roof of the Student Society of Trondhjem, you’ll find friendly people, a good atmosphere, an electronics labs and a shack full of radio equipment. You’ll also find magazines like Amatørradio, QST, QEX and Donald Duck & Co.

Still not sure if you want to become a  member? Get in touch and ask for more info!

Membership in ARK is only open to members of the Student Society of Trondhjem. Membership in the Student Society is open to students in Trondheim.

If you qualify for membership in the Student Society, you may apply for an ARK membership without yet being a member of the Student Society. Your application will be processed, but you will not become a member until you’re a paying member of the Student Society.

To apply, send an email to where you address the following:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • School and field of study
  • Why do you want to apply to ARK?