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Preliminary analysis of the accuracy of the AOS and LOS finding algorithms of libpredict

ARK is responsible for development of the satellite prediction library libpredict, on which we earlier have published a couple of [… Read more]

LA2SIX (License pending) beacon, and plans for the coming year

The beginning of a new year is a good time to step back and think of the things that will [… Read more]

Getting ready for Es’Hail 2: Part 1.5

After the blog post last Wednesday on the work done so far by LA3WUA and LA1BFA to prepare for Es’Hail 2 [… Read more]

Getting ready for the first Geostationary amateur satellite, Es’Hail 2: Part One

With the successful launch of Es’Hail 2 a couple of weeks ago, we think it is time to talk about our [… Read more]

Visualizing noise in the surroundings using an SDR, a rotor controller, hamlib and GNU Radio

The scripts we developed during the spring and summer for measuring and plotting the reception pattern of an antenna turned [… Read more]

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