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LM100UKA is over

The UKA festival is finally over, and we are back to normal here at the club. It has been a great time running LM100UKA for the 100 year anniversary, and in the two last months we have run a total of 1602 contacts! These are mostly on 20M and 40M. This includes the CQWW RTTY competition, but most contacts are otherwise regular QSOs.

This has been some wild weeks! The festival happens every two years, and it first involves the restoration and refurbishment of one of the locales at the Student Society, as well as building of all the necessary props. The theater group prepares the revue and some small plays, while other groups plan out big events and concerts. The chefs at the restaurant in the Student Society even prepare a specialized menu. We have mostly been able to run radio during local daytime since the Student Society usually has been closed off for us in the evening.

Once the festival starts, everything happens. There are shows, concerts, events, and parties running for 3 weeks straight, not to forget one of the most important parts of the festival: The student revue! Of course, this did not stop us from using the radio every now and then. We did however need to limit our output power when things were going on in other parts of the house.

We will be sending out QSL cards to everyone in about a month’s time. Logbook of the World upload is pending activation of the callsign, we will update this blogpost once the logs have been uploaded.

Special Callsign, LM100UKA


In September and October, we will be running the special callsign LM100UKA to celebrate the 100-year aniversary of the UKA-festival.

The UKA festival is a festival that has been arranged by students at the Student Society of Trondheim once every second autumn since 1917 (except for the war years of 1941 and 1943). The festival originally grew out of a student revue at the student society, in the early days lasting a week hence the name (“uka” translates to “the week”). The revue is still an integral part of the festival to this day, but the festival has grown to last for three weeks and now includes multiple concerts and various social arrangements.

This year, artists who will be performing at the festival includes Highasakite and Cashmere Cat. To get more information about the festival, please check out https://uka.no/ (Norwegian).


January Update

The semester is off the grounds, and we’ve got some news!


In January, Julian (LB5QG) started a project of building a 40M radio-kit he bought off the internet. Despite some technical difficulties in the beginning of the project, it has been coming along nicely and is almost working as a fully functional radio right now.

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