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HF Rotor Woes of 2020 part 3: you spin me round (like a rotor)

This blog is part of a series on the problems with our HF rotor, in 2020. In the previous two [… Read more]

HF Rotor Woes of 2020 part 2: winter is coming

Previously, we have talked about some of the problems we were having with our HF rotor, see HF Rotor Woes [… Read more]

HF Rotor Woes of 2020 part 1: it’s dead, Jim

Back in the spring of 2020, we discussed some issues we found with the rotor on the HF beam following [… Read more]

LB1HH’s 2019 IOTA-Easter

The expedition described here happened one year ago, but in these times with low activity in the club it can [… Read more]


This year we were faced with a challenge for the CQ WPX SSB contest, as the clubhouse has been off [… Read more]

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