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CQ WPX RTTY and Patagonia DX

CQ WPX RTTY happens during the spring every year, and many of our members are quite enthusiastic to participate in [… Read more]

Portable trip to Gråkallen

Building on earlier successes, we decided to combine two of them this spring. The first one was to invite both [… Read more]

Activation of LA/ST-134 Ølshavden

Sometimes, the winter takes a break and we get a few weeks of warmth in Trondheim. This usually has a [… Read more]

Activation of LA/ST-209 Sjåvidthøgda

One of the problems with the winter is that the days are so short. When planning SOTA trips, we have [… Read more]

License course spring 2024

It is yet again time for our once-a-semester amateur radio license course. It aims to help you pass the amateur [… Read more]

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