As mentioned in a previous post, we uncovered a mounting issue during a recent maintenance session of our 3m parabolic dish. The Spid BIG-RAS rotor mounts to a piece of metal tubing at the top of the tiltable mast. At some point this tubing became deformed, causing the rotor to attach improperly. Fortunately we discovered this in time, re-tightened the bolts and made a plan to  make a more permanent fix.

We decided to weld together a square flange bracket with the circular flange on the bottom part of the rotor. With this modification the square flange mounts directly to the mast via four heavy duty bolts. We believe that this attachment method is much more robust to vibrations, and is also simpler to mount.

Thanks to Omega Verksted for lending us the use of their metal workshop, and thanks to everyone that for helping out with the heavy lifting.

With a more sturdy attachment, we are more confident that the dish will move about as expected. Now we can start attempting to receive transmissions in the 23 cm band, which we will come back to this in a later post.