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LA2SIX (License pending) beacon, and plans for the coming year

The beginning of a new year is a good time to step back and think of the things that will [… Read more]

Seasonal greetings from LA1K

In place of a proper post this Wednesday, we would simply like to extend seasonal greetings and wish our readers [… Read more]

Getting ready for the first Geostationary amateur satellite, Es’Hail 2: Part One

With the successful launch of Es’Hail 2 a couple of weeks ago, we think it is time to talk about our [… Read more]

New antenna: BigIR 6 m to 80 m vertical

As hinted during a previous post, we’ve recently acquired a new addition to your antenna park: A BigIR antenna!  Our main [… Read more]

New licensees fall 18

On Wednesday 17 of October a license exam was held at Gløshaugen, concluding this fall’s license course. The results are [… Read more]

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