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LA1K 100 Years (Part 1): The Beginning of the Club

Last year, our club turned 100 years old! For the occasion, we celebrated with a special jubilee callsign, a banquet, [… Read more]

Spring cabin trip 2024

On the first weekend of February, we went on a cabin trip to Oppdal, just one week after welcoming new [… Read more]

Easter “Σάμος” SOTA-trip with SV8/LA1K/P

Last year during our jubilee year, a trip to Samos (Σάμος) was initiated by club member, Greek representative and Samos [… Read more]

CQ WPX RTTY and Patagonia DX

CQ WPX RTTY happens during the spring every year, and many of our members are quite enthusiastic to participate in [… Read more]

Portable trip to Gråkallen

Building on earlier successes, we decided to combine two of them this spring. The first one was to invite both [… Read more]

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