Do you want to talk to people all over the world through two-way radio, or perhaps build the radios and antennas that enable other people to do the talking? Do you love electronics and building your own radios? If you don’t, do you want to learn how to do that?

Each semester we look for new students to join our club, to work together with us on learning more about amateur radio.

We accept applications directly by email to or through Samfundet’s application system.

For those who recently applied through our membership application form at, we have discovered an issue that has caused us to not receive any applications submitted after 27. October 2019. We are very sorry to have lost your application, and hope that you will consider re-applying through an email to

Still unsure if ARK is something for you? Take a look at our about page, and read some of the latest entries in our blog. If you have any questions, our board will also be happy to answer them at