One of the things we wanted to achieve when starting this series of blogposts, was to detail the life inside of ARK – so that people outside can get an idea on what goes on in our radio club. One of the blatant things that we have forgotten to write about if one of the things that we do (or try to do) every week: Waffle-mondays!

On Mondays, ARK members gather at Radioloftet to work on projects, socialize, and perhaps most importantly, eat waffles. The jury is out on whether waffle-mondays is a primarily social event, or if it is a trick motivator to bring in muscle for our more demanding projects. Either way, it works very well to achieve both.

During summer activity is naturally lower. This is due to most of our members being students from all over the country, so there simply aren’t that many people who stay in town. However, we still try to meet up once a week to do some work, and perhaps eat some waffles.

In case this post has sparked cravings for some ARK-waffles, fear not, we have a time-honored recipe available:

1. 6 eggs (actually 4 + 2 eggs, for a double recipe 8 + 2 eggs should suffice) 
2. Some tablespoons of sugar (to help whisk the eggs)
3. 1 teaspoon baking soda
4. 1 teaspoon salt
5. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract/powder
6. Whisk until frothy
(Alternate between 7. and 8. to avoid lumpy hell liquid)
7. 1 liter whole milk
8. Add flour until batter becomes thick. Plain white and wholemeal can be used together for more consistency.
9. One squirt of liquid butter.
10. Add sugar until batter is sweet-ish (but not too sweet)

Apply liquid butter to waffle iron between each waffle. For bonus points, use ARK-patented waffle cutting devices when serving.
ARKs patented waffle cutting and serving devices.