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License course spring 2020

We are once again back with our bi-annual amateur radio license course! The end goal of the course is to [… Read more]

LA2USA introduces Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a Mechanical Computer Assisted Drawing (MCAD) tool from Autodesk that has become very popular within hobbyist communities. [… Read more]

New licensees spring 18

On Wednesday 07.03.18 an amateur radio license test was held at Gløshaugen, concluding this spring’s license course. The results are [… Read more]

Write-up of the GNU Radio workshop

As previously announced, this weekend we held a workshop in GNU Radio in collaboration with the Department of Electronic Systems [… Read more]

A brief introduction to learning morse code

Demonstrating knowledge of Morse code was previously a part of the amateur radio exam in Norway. Licensees would get either [… Read more]

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