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LA1K 100 Years (Part 3): QSL and 73

Introduction: In the ongoing series on LA1K’s history, we have now come to the radio operations at the club. Similarly [… Read more]

LA1K 100 Years (Part 2): The Evolution of the Radio Shack

Introduction: In the previous part, we talked about how ARK was involved in getting the transmitter license in Norway established, [… Read more]

Activating LA/ST-208 Annølskammen

The summits around Trondheim have a habit of becoming covered by snow around this time of year. The snow is [… Read more]

Our tallest antenna yet

In our strive for better 80m antennas, the size is an ever-recurring problem. For many years, we have been using [… Read more]

Projecting and making a multi-band inverted V antenna for portable use

On our previous portable trips, we have often used single-band vertical 1/4 wave antennas because of their easy construction and [… Read more]

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