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LA1K is recruiting new members!

Our radio club is currently recruiting new members!

Do you want to talk to people all over the world through two-way radio, or perhaps build the radios and antennas that enable other people to do the talking? Are you interested in electronics and learning how to build your own radios?

Every semester we organize an amateur radio license course so that you can get your own call sign. We are a social club with many different interests, including project Mondays, trips in the forest with portable radio equipment, board game nights, and much more! As a member, you also get to utilize and borrow equipment from our well-equipped workshop.

Portable SOTA trip to Storhaugen
From left: LB0VG, LB9WI, half of LB7JJ
Photo: LB5DH

No previous knowledge is required, and you get to be a part of the only club at Samfundet with social antennas.

We accept applications directly by email to or through Samfundet’s application system. Drop us an application before August 27th 23:59 to be considered for this semesters recruitment.

Still unsure if ARK is something for you? Take a look at our about page, and read some of the latest entries in our blog. If you have any questions, our board will also be happy to answer them at

Erecting the Bananaphone antenna at Field Day 2022
From left: LB5DJ, LB5FJ, LB0ZI, LB8KI, Irini, LB3SG
Photo: SP5SBU

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  1. LB5PI

    Is LA1K the same as LA100K?? 🤔😮

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