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Extracting the antenna pattern from a beacon signal, pt. III: Frequency analysis and code

In a couple of blog posts (Extracting the antenna pattern from a beacon signal, pt. I: Initial investigations using autocorrelation, [… Read more]

Plotting spotting calls on a map

LA3WUA √ėyvind came to me late Monday evening last week, desperate, wanting a map to visualize the calls which had [… Read more]

Using GNU Radio and Hamlib to calculate antenna diagrams

As a part of earlier blog posts ([1], [2]), we developed a couple of tools for measuring antenna patterns against [… Read more]

A brief introduction to learning morse code

Demonstrating knowledge of Morse code was previously a part of the amateur radio exam in Norway. Licensees would get either [… Read more]

Plotting Norwegian ham radio contacts on a map using Pandas, Cartopy and Geopy

In the post about the Norwegian telephony contest, we plotted the contacts on a map of Norway. Plotting contacts during [… Read more]

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