The previous Sunday, we once again decided to head for an enjoyable portable trip. The license course holders, LB0VG and LB9WI wanted the course participants to have some hands-on experience before the mock-up test and the final exam, coming up this Thursday. Therefore a trip was laid out to the “countryside” of Trondheim, more specifically Lavollen, west of the city. LB0VG brought all the radio equipment, food, firewood (and LA5DUA for company) in his car to set up a fireplace and lighten the weight for the rest. Meanwhile the rest of the group led by LB9WI took the bus and walked through the forest path.

LA5DUA and LB0VG welcoming the hiking group with at the QTH for the day.
Photo: LB8LI

To get the most out of the trip, we brought three different antennas; a 40 m dipole, our 20 m vertical antenna and the inverted V, multi-band antenna. In that way, we got to set up two mats and throw some three-climbing in the mix. As usual, erecting the 20 m vertical went as easy as anything, but the inverted V had some difficulties, as the weight of the antenna made the pole bend at the top.

Setting up the 20 m vertical. From the left; Randi, LB5DH, Royce and LB5EJ.
Photo: LB5PI
LB7FI, LB5DH and LB5FJ standing under the bent inverted V doublet.
Photo: LB8LI

For the shack, we brought our FT-891 and FT-857 portable radios as well as two manual tuners and our LDG Z-11 Pro-II autotuner. The advantage of the doublet-inverted V should be that the antenna is usable on multiple bands, but due to some unknown source, the antenna could not be tuned well enough for the 40 m band, so we ended up using it on the 15 m. With this being a trip for gaining experience and having a nice trip to the woods before the first snowflake hits Trondheim we had no rush in getting QSOs. We ended up with 6 QSOs on 20 m and 9 QSOs on the 15 m band.

LB5FJ trying to operate the FT-891 on the 40 m and LB7FI with the FT-857 on the 20 m band.
Photo: LB8LI

With this being a trip also focusing on the social aspect, LB9WI had brought firewood and hot dogs for grilling which gave the participants some much-wanted warmth and nutrition.

LB9WI also invited along her sister and 3-year-old nephew, James, who was eager to help with setting up the antennas. Perhaps breaking the record for the youngest participant of LA1K/P trips.

James and LB8LI deciding where to place the inverted V antenna
Photo: LB9WI

Thanks to LA5DUA, LB0VG, LB5DH, LB5EJ, LB5FJ, LB5PI, LB7FI, LB8LI, LB9WI, Aksel, Alexander, Britt-Christine, Emil, James, Randi and Royce for participating and to LA2QUA and Alpha for stopping by. And to the unlicensed, good luck with the upcoming exam!