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License course fall 2021


The time has come to begin the 2021 fall semester’s license course. The first lecture will begin on Thursday next week, that is September 30th at 17:00. The first lecture will be held at Campus Gløshaugen in Sentralbygg 1 room 265. If you’re interested in the course curriculum, this book from NRRL covers it all. We recommend purchasing the book as soon as possible, so it arrives in time for the course. More info will be introduced in the first lecture, and we will also update this post in the future when room and lecture plans are firmly set. Register here if you plan to participate on the license course.

(After some delay, here’s the schedule for the course!)

17:15 Thursday 30.09.21265Introduction to amateur radio, Norwegian laws and Ohms Law
17:15 Thursday 07.10.21265Coils, capacitors and transformers
17:15 Thursday 14.10.21265Q-codes, RST and wavebands
17:15 Thursday 21.10.21265Impedance and assistance with exercises
17:15 Thursday 28.10.21265Semiconductors, transmitter / receiver, antennas and transmission lines
17:15 Thursday

See you there!

Kim A.D.


  1. Sindre Herstad

    Hello. Is this course only for students? I have a friend that is really interested the course

    • LB5PI

      Hello, Sindre!

      This course is open for everyone, not only members of ARK or university students! An email with a phone number will also be sent for the first lecture to those who have registered their attendance, in case participants doesn’t have door access.

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