Sometimes we do projects that are not radio related. This week we decided that our butts would be much happier if they were not constantly covered in old sofa shavings. We figure that happy butts are better at radio stuff, and therefore we set out to produce new cushions for the sofas in our club locale.

Old, nasty sofa cushion – creator of small sofa particles that stick to everything they touch.
Arne LB7JG doing some sawing.

Our cushions are made simply, faux leather sown at the edges and stapled to the back of an OSB plate.

We elected to build our sofa pillows from the meanest and roughest faux leather we could find. This in the hopes that it would not deteriorate so quickly, allowing us to focus on important radio business.

Glorious new sofa cushions.

Thanks to everyone that helped, and may your sofa related injuries (4 cases of wood splinters, one hammered hand, and a small screw related laceration) heal quickly.