We were recently in touch with Bjørn Sveum at Rohde & Schwarz Norway asking if they would be interested in helping us out with some measurement equipment. I was astounded by the generosity Bjørn showed, and today the package arrived!

The hardware enthusiast in me got really excited seeing the packing tape labeled Rohde & Schwarz, an even more impressive sight when we realized that they had sent an entire pallet.

The centerpiece is a FSH 3 handheld spectrum analyzer with tracking generator and preamp. A tracking generator allows the spectrum analyzer to perform scalar network analyzer measurements, allowing for filter and simple antenna measurements. This will be very helpful when working with projects both on the lab bench and when debugging in the field, such as working on the beacons at Vassfjellet.

We also got four NGPE 40/40 power supplies. Using two of these in series will allow us to power most FETs up to 50 V (LDMOS and GaN are usually max 50 V drain voltage), this will be very useful in developing amplifiers up to the legal limit for amateur radio – 1000 W (given that they have reasonable efficiency).

The two other supplies will be part of the 1-10 GHz ground station project. More on this in a separate blogpost.

Finally here’s a glamour shot of all the equipment and some of the goodies Bjørn included.