The semester is off the grounds, and we’ve got some news!


In January, Julian (LB5QG) started a project of building a 40M radio-kit he bought off the internet. Despite some technical difficulties in the beginning of the project, it has been coming along nicely and is almost working as a fully functional radio right now.

Øyvind (LA3WUA) also got some big plans, in particular about building a 1 to 10 GHz ground station. Some of our older members might remember our last parabola, and that it encountered some unfortunate technical difficulties after a winter storm in ’91. This new parabola will be designed with this in mind, and hopefully this one will last for years to come.

To go along with the new parabola, we are planning to improve our UHF and SHF equipment, with a brand new custom-designed 1-10 GHz RF chain revolving around a GNURadio SDR setup. To be able to accurately point this parabola at satellites and eventually the moon we will be developing a self-calibrating tracking algorithm. The groundwork on this has already been started several years ago with development on the satellite estimation library libpredict. Stay tuned for some development blogposts as this project evolves.

The most recent project is to move from our old site to this WordPress page. Kristoffer (LB0VG) has been the main responsible for carrying this out. All further news here will be in english, and expect to see a lot more frequent updates of our whereabouts in the time to come.


As mentioned in our previous newspost, we have already started with lectures to prepare new members for the HAM Radio license test. LA3WUA is responsible for this, and three more lectures are set for the coming weeks. Poke him at as soon as possible if you need to know more!

We are also enthusiastic about an upcoming course in how to build a tube-amplifier, a course run by the Trøndelag History of Radio Association. This will begin on monday the 13th February, 19:00 o’clock at EL3 on Gløshaugen in Trondheim. Petter Brækken og Lars Lundheim will be responsible for holding this course.

Upcoming Competitions:

  • Feb 11, 0000Z – Feb 12, 2359Z: CQWW WPX RTTY
  • Mar 11, 1300Z – Mar 11, 1430Z: NRRL Winter-test CW 1
  • Mar 11, 1500Z – Mar 11, 1630Z: NRRL Winter-teste SSB 1
  • Mar 12, 0700Z – Mar 12, 0830Z: NRRL Winter-test SSB 2
  • Mar 12, 0900Z – Mar 12, 1030Z: NRRL Winter-test CW 2
  • Mar 12, 1300Z – Mar 12, 1430Z: NRRL Winter-test CW 3
  • Mar 12, 1500Z – Mar 12, 1630Z: NRRL Winter-test SSB 3
  • Mar 25, 0000Z – Mar 26, 2359Z: CQWW WPX SSB

Mark the dates!

With best regards, QSL Manager, Frode (LB1HH)