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Preliminary analysis of the accuracy of the AOS and LOS finding algorithms of libpredict

ARK is responsible for development of the satellite prediction library libpredict, on which we earlier have published a couple of [… Read more]

libpredict 2.0

After a long period of development, we are quite proud to announce that we have finally released a stable version [… Read more]

Introduction to the libpredict API

This post has been updated 2017-12-20 in order to reflect API changes after release of libpredict 2.0.0. We recommend to [… Read more]

Satellite tracking using flyby

A lot of satellites typically have beacons, interesting data transmitters or transponders that can be received or used by radio [… Read more]

Development of flyby and libpredict

ARK has been developing satellite tracking software based on a fork of predict-g1yyh, which is in turn a patched version of predict. We [… Read more]