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New hams

After the test last Wednesday there are 11 new amateur radio operators. We are proud to announce:

Martin Hergot Festøy: LB7AH
Ken Are Meisler: LB7CH
Ole Christian Tvedt: LB7DH
Håkon Eide: LB7EH
Haavard Knibe Fiskaa: LB7FH
Anders Liland: LB7GH
Anders Selfjord Eriksen: LB7HH
Dennis Skulbru Eriksen:  LB7IH
Einar Uvsløkk: LB7JH
Svein Ove Undal: LB7KH
Ragni Helene Halvorsen:  LB7RH

You will recieve a letter from NKOM with the final details.

Congratulations, we look forward to hearing you on the air.

January Update

The semester is off the grounds, and we’ve got some news!


In January, Julian (LB5QG) started a project of building a 40M radio-kit he bought off the internet. Despite some technical difficulties in the beginning of the project, it has been coming along nicely and is almost working as a fully functional radio right now.

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Akademisk Radioklubb are having a course in amateur-radio. The goal of the course is to undertake an exam, and if passed – recieve a callsign. The course starts Wednesday 08. of February, and will continue 4 or 5 evenings during February/March. There is no fee to the course, except a one-time fee for the license itself. We encourage everyone to participate in the course.

The course is held at Gløshaugen, classroom B22 from 6 to 8pm.

The final summary and exam will be in week 10, further details will come soon.