Do you want to be a surfer but the ocean is too cold? Try the radio waves!

This spring LA1K is arranging our biannual license course to help you become a fully licensed radio operator.

The course itself is held for 8 weeks at NTNU Gløshaugen in Trondheim with a concluding test on the final day. Each lecture begins at 18.15 and lasts approximately 2 hours with a 15-minute break in the middle. There will also be a mock exam on Wednesday, March 15th, that you must pass to be able to take the final license exam.

The course curriculum is based on the book, “Veien til internasjonal radioamatørlisens“, which can be bought from NRRL’s website for 450 NOK. Alternatively, you can buy access to NRRL’s online platform, which contains the book in PDF format, for 200 NOK. More information will be given on the first course night. To attend the course, you will need either the book or access to the platform.

To sign up for the license course, please fill out the registration form. See you there!

18:15 Thursday
EL1Introduction to amateur radio, radiowaves, wave propagation, ionosphere, modulation, practical demonstration
18:15 Thursday
EL1Radio architecture, antennas and cables
18:15 Thursday
EL1Prefixes and units, passive components, direct and alternating current, circuit analysis, phase
18:15 Thursday
EL1Filters, transformers, transistor circuits, amplifier architecture
18:15 Thursday
EL1Measuring equipment, laws and relevant organizations, disturbance, leftover topics
18:15 Tuesday
EL4Mock exam
18:15 Thursday
EL4Review of mock exam
18:15 Wednesday