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License course spring 2021

Here we go again with our biannual event, the radio license course. Bring out the inner LA8PV in you!

For five weeks we’ll be going through what it is you need to know to get on the radio waves, and talk to endless amounts of people all over the world! The schedule is listed below, along with the daily topics. Please note that the final date for the exam itself had to be delayed until after Easter.

DateRoom Topics
18:15 Thursday 25.02.21 F2 Introduction to amateur radio, prefixes and units, simple passive circuits
18:15 Thursday 04.03.21 F2 Radio architecture and components
18:15 Thursday 11.03.21 F2 Alternating current, Active components, Modulation
18:15 Thursday 18.03.21 F2 Antennas and cables, Wave propagation
18:15 Thursday 25.03.21 F2 Left over topics, mock exam
18:30 Tuesday 20.04.21 F2 Exam

The course is open for anyone, not just members of ARK. If you are interested in learning about ham radio, this course is a great place to begin. The curriculum itself is based on the book, “Veien til Internasjonal Amatørradiolisens”, which can be bought from NRRL’s website, right here. If you are also interested in joining our club, please see our membership page. Our admission periods are twice a year, every spring and fall. Looking forward to hearing from you!

And most importantly, good luck with your radio license!

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    Good work!

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