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Least-effort ADIF-parsing in Python

Far back in time, almost one year ago, we mentioned that “An ADIF parser for Python was hacked together based [… Read more]

A web app for controlling rotors

All our antenna rotors are accessible on the network from an RPi by use of rotctld servers. As well as [… Read more]

Receiving QSOs over the network from N1MM

We previously outlined a method for using rotor control messages issued from N1MM, a Windows program, to forward control messages [… Read more]

Overflow rectification for recorded GNU Radio samples

Sampling at high sample rates from an SDR in GNU Radio with slow blocks ┬áin the flowgraph (for example writing [… Read more]

Extracting the antenna pattern from a beacon signal, pt. IV: Probabilistic approach

We’ve through a series of blog posts (Extracting the antenna pattern from a beacon signal, pt. I: Initial investigations using [… Read more]

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