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LA1K is looking for new members!

Do you have an interest in amateur radio, or ham radio? Does talking to people all over the world using two-way radio sound exciting? Or learning how to build your own? Were you one of the kids who secretly thought walkie-talkies were kinda fun? Then we want you to apply for a membership at our radio club, Akademisk Radioklubb (ARK)!

ARK is a club for radio amateurs and students who would like to learn more about radio. No previous knowledge is required, and you get to be a part of the only club at Samfundet with a social antenna (although we keep misplacing it).

Every semester we organize an amateur radio license course so that you can get your own call sign. We are a social club with many different interests, including project Mondays, trips in the forest with portable radio equipment, board game nights, and much more! As a member, you also get to utilize and borrow equipment from our well-equipped workshop.

We accept applications through Studentersamfundet’s admissions system, or directly on our “become a member” page. The former is advisable if you are unsure which of the many great groups at Samfundet is the best for you. You can apply until August 28th 23:59.

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  1. Hans Arne Westberg Gjersøe / LA5GX

    Very good!

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