Ready to get on the airwaves and become a fully licensed radio operator? This spring LA1K is arranging their biannual license course to help you along the way!

The course itself is held for 6 weeks at NTNU Gløshaugen in Trondheim with a concluding test on the final day. The course curriculum is based on the book, “Veien til internasjonal radioamatørlisens“, which can be bought from NRRL’s website. Participation on the course is completely free. If you pass the exam, a one-time fee is paid to NKOM to issue your radio license.

18:15 Wednesday
F2Introduction to amateur radio, prefixes and units, practical demonstration
18:15 Wednesday
F2Passive components, direct and alternating current
18:15 Wednesday
F2Frequency domain, modulation, radio architecture and components, amplifier architecture
18:15 Wednesday
F2Antennas and cables, wave propagation
18:15 Wednesday
F2Measuring instruments, mock exam
18:15 Wednesday

Information on where the course will be held and what topics will be covered will be sent out by email to those who have signed up.

The course is open for everyone, not just members of ARK or university students!

Sign-up for the course and exam here. Although for those without an NTNU keycard, be sure to let us know so we can help you get inside!

Good luck, aspiring licensees!