Samfundet is currently hosting the biennial festival UKA. This is a student-organized culture festival with traditions back to the beginning of the last century, and which turns the student society upside-down with its many activities. Since we share space at Samfundet, we are not entirely unaffected by this event, and we celebrate it by using our traditional callsign LA1UKA from start to finish.

ARK is therefore using LA1UKA as its primary callsign from October 3rd to October 27th. Hope to hear you on the air!

(The featured image of this post depicts the unveiling of this year’s UKA’s name, Vivillé. Every UKA, the festival gets a name which reflects on the theme of UKA’s main event, the student revue. A group of ARK members (Lysreklamen) are every UKA responsible for putting their knowledge of electronics into the construction of the illuminated sign which depicts the name. The photo has been taken by Fotogjengen (