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CQ WW SSB 2018

CQ WW came around last weekend, but our shack-01 computer is still sick. Our Flex radio also went down, complaining about heating problems. So we were basically down to one station, and went for a casual approach to the weekend’s events. With the 40 m rotary dipole up and running again, LB1HH Frode started the night, and finished with 93 QSOs after about four hours.

Saturday was filled with other busywork, and LB5QG Julian resumed the night from Saturday to Sunday, and added another 16 QSOs to the 40 m counter. That left 20 m open for some good run on Sunday afternoon. LB6RH Jens enjoyed 1:40 hrs with a maximum rate of 200 QSOs/60 minutes. That looks like the second highest rate from LA in the CQ WW SSB according to a list over at LA Contest Club. 🙂

LB7JG Arne and newly licensed LB4JI Arne added a few more QSOs to the overall result:

 Band QSOs Pts ZN Cty Pt/Q
    7  117 127  7  28  1,1
   14  264 400  9  31  1,5
Total  381 527 16  59  1,4

Score : 39 525

The overall activity from our side accumulates to about 7 hours of operating time. Thank you for the contacts and see you on the bands!


  1. Roy Almedal

    Det er supert at dere gear’er opp contesting @ LA1K !
    Gratulerer !!!
    Vi er jo en del gamle ARK’ere (både med og uten Patroner) som står bak LA8W/LN8W.
    Ta gjerne kontakt hvis dere ønsker…
    73 de Roy / LA5KO

    • lb6rh

      Hei Roy,
      tusen takk! Vi er litt begrenset med contesting herifra når det gjelder helgene i semester. 😉
      Jeg kommer sikkert tilbake til tilbudet neste år self om det er noen kilometer sørover. Kan hende at det er noen flere hos oss som er interessert i en liten tur for å se og deltar i seriøst konkurransekjøring. Skal høre meg litt rundt.
      73s de Jens, LB6RH (DK2AB)
      PS: Gratulerer med kjemperesultat fra CQ WW CW siste helg!

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