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Updates on the SSTV project

After a long break, Henrik LB5DH and I decided to start working on the SSTV project again. This time we [… Read more]

NRRL Vintertest 2017

This weekend LA1K participated in the Norwegian contest ‘NRRL Vintertest 2017’. The first two stages gave rather disappointing  results due to poor conditions [… Read more]

Flex 6500

After a long wait, we finally received our sample of the Flex 6500 this Wednesday. This was purchased as a [… Read more]

SSTV decoder project

Henrik (LB5DH) and myself (LB0VG) are building a “fully” automatic SSTV decoder to be put up permanently in our club. [… Read more]


Akademisk Radioklubb are having a course in amateur-radio. The goal of the course is to undertake an exam, and if [… Read more]

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