The shack

The shack

The shack in all its glory


Our two main HF-rigs are the Icom IC-756 Pro III and Flex 6500.

For our VHF array a IC-9100 is used.

For controlling the radios we have two desktop computers running Windows 10 and dual monitors.


For our amplifier needs we’re using an Ameritron AL-82 and a Acom 1000 which both are capable of outputting 1000W+.

Acom 1000 PA

Acom 1000 PA

Ameritron PA

The AL-82 PA connected to the IC-756



Force12 XR5 for 20 to 10m with a Optibeam OB1-4030 on top.

6m and 4m beam

6m and 4m beam

We also have some dipoles for the 160m, 80m, 40m and 30m band.


VH array

VHF array

For basic VHF/UHF communication throughout the town we have a Kenwood TM-D710 connected to a Diamond X-50 anntenna on the roof.


For our power-supply needs we have a couple of Diamond GSV-3000 power supplies for a total of 2 PDU.

The IC-756PRO runs on its original power supply, whilst the Flex, IC-9100 and other various equipment like the rotor-controllers are on one of the 12V rails.

Rotor and antenna-controller

Control-box for the double-ten switch. Above is our HF rotor-controller.

For switching between antennas between the two rigs, we have a Double-Ten antenna-switch located in our loft.
The control-box pictured was custom-made by LA7LKA.